Self Portrait Me at 17~Acrylic Painting 20x16"

The year was 1972, I was 17 years old and was persuaded to go to a life drawing class with a bunch of friends. As it turned out, the model scheduled for the class did not show up and the teacher asked for a volunteer in the class with the incentive being a $25 modeling fee. Remember this was 1972 and twenty five bucks was a lot to a kid in those days. I naively jumped at the chance and stripped down before realizing the entire class was made up of friends (male and female) that I grew up with. Well too late now. Anyway, fast forward to present day and I am a full time artist painting nude portraits of friends and strangers alike and realized it was a bit hypocritical for me to ask my contemporary's to get naked when I had not...then I found a nearly 50 year old polaroid from that life drawing class and here I am...Myself at seventeen. It measures 20X16" with edges finished so it's ready to hang or frame if desired.
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