"Tightrope" Novelty Jigsaw Puzzle ORIGINAL Artwork Custom

This 100+ puzzle titled "Tightrope" and measures approximately 8X10" when complete was created from original artwork created from the RobinWood Art Studio, a collaborative space with Robin Baker Art and Wood Fancher Anthony Art... Story behind this painting: I titled this Tightrope because I have to balance quite a bit, usually with only hope. I'm wearing a pair of torn underwear because a new pair is now a luxury item for me. I was stripped and humbled by life. I made a decision to strip down and simplify things even further... I decided to just paint my legs. It is on them that I am able to stand and keep working. They represent my daily struggle of trying to find balance in multiple aspects of my life. To see this and other original art by Wood Fancher Anthony, visit: WWW.woodfancheranthony.com
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