"Hot Lunch" Novelty Jigsaw Puzzle ORIGINAL Artwork Custom

This 100+ puzzle titled "Hot Lunch" and measures approximately 8X10" when complete was created from original collaborative artwork of RobinWood studios in Houston, Texas. Two artists with different mediums ( One Acrylic and the other Oils) and points of view. The acrylic artist begins the painting and more or less sets the theme or tone, then passes it off to the oil painter who takes over and either continues the beginning theme or transforms it into something completely different. Hot Lunch leaves everything up to the imagination, showing just his legs in the air as he tries to remove his jock strap. Is he home alone and going to 'take care of himself'? Did he find a someone that he feels safe with during this time of social distancing? Is he with his lover? It's up to you do decide, but in any case...this guy is gonna have a "Hot Lunch" A great idea for white elephant gifts, stocking stuffer (for Christmas), Bachelor or Bachelorette parties.
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